Wild Camping Photo Gallery and Checklist

Wild camping along the Northumberland coastal path and Kielder Campsite, summer 2019.

Wild Camping Backpacking Equipment Video

WARNING: This video is 30 minutes long, as all of the wild camping backpacking equipment is explained in detail. The video file size has been reduced as much as possible, down to only 55Mb. If you are using mobile data on a smartphone to watch this, you may wish to defer watching this until you are connected to Wi-Fi, as this represents 10% of a 500Mb allowance.

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Wild Camping Backpacking Checklist



Breakfast -
Lunch - Sandwiches, flask tea
Tea - curry sachet, rice sachet, 1 x bread wrap
Supper - coffee, 1 x muesli bar, 1 x choc bar

Day 2

Breakfast - 2 x hard-boiled eggs, 2 x bread wrap
Lunch - Spanish beans, 1 x bread
Tea - Mexican beans, rice, 1 x bread
Supper - coffee, 1 x muesli bar, 1 x choc bar

Day 3

Breakfast - 2 x hard-boiled eggs, 2 x bread wrap
Lunch - Spanish beans, 1 x bread


1 x bag mixed nuts and raisins
2 choc bars
0.5 Litre juice


3x 1 litre metal water bottles
(plus 0.5 litres of water on belt and 0.5 litres of juice cartons listed elsewhere)

(The NHS say: "Your body needs water or other fluids to work properly and to avoid dehydration. That’s why it's important to drink enough fluids. In climates such as the UK's, we should drink about 1.2 litres of fluid every day to stop us getting dehydrated. In hotter climates, the body needs more than this. We also get some fluid from the food we eat"). [Source: NHS]

Ortlieb waterproof bag

Vango 3-season sleeping bag
beach shoes
tracksuit bottoms, long sleeved top (dual use pyjamas)
decent Ikea pillow


OEX Phoxx1 tent and camo netting
Small picnic mat/ blanket
OEX traverse 3/4 inflatable mat
Polyurethane sleeping mat

Cooking Utensils

plastic bowl
metal cup
spork, metal spoon
aluminium pan
gas burner
2 x lighters
pan handle
tin opener
2 x camping Gaz 240g CV300 butane/ propane cannisters

Night Bag

eye shield
liquid soap
hand sanitiser
wet wipes
whisky flask
pee bottle


solar phone charger + 2 x charge cables
tough box coffee
tough box whitener
spare specs
chlorine dioxide tablets
funnel and filter paper
hexamine blocks
tea bags
paper & pencil
lightweight small multi-tool
vegetable knife
plasters & paracetamol
2 x bandages, dressing, antiseptic cream
deep heat
spare AA & AAA batteries
tent padlock & key
pan scrub
spare lighter
nylon cord
insulating tape
cable ties
needle and tread
plastic bag
elasticated support bandages
Kendal mint cake


2 x underwear
2 x short socks
2 x long socks
WHITE t-shirt
nylon roll-neck sweater
2 x neoprene knee supports


waterproof leggings
neoprene hoodie
army jacket
winter gloves
mild gloves
peaked cap
suntan lotion
map case & AREA map
READING GLASSES and glasses cord
neck pouch with 2nd mobile and bank card
radio & pouch
water bottle
chock bars
mixed nuts and raisins
rubbish bag
Sony camera and batteries
camera tripod
rubbish bag
Drinking bottle on waist belt (0.5litres)

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