Countdown to the Seasons

The number of days are calculated from today, Monday 22nd April 2024.
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40 days until the start of meteorological summer (1 Jun).

60 days until the next summer solstice (around 21 June).

132 days until the start of meteorological autumn (1 Sep).

153 days until the next autumnal equinox (around 22 Sep).

223 days until the start of meteorological winter (1 Dec).

243 days until the next winter solstice (around 21 Dec).

247 days until the next Christmas.

313 days until the start of meteorological spring (1 March).

332 days until the next spring equinox (around 20 March).

* These calculations are based on the estimated equinox and solstice dates of 20 March, 21 June, 22 September and 21 December.
What does all of this mean? Find out here: Met Office: The Equinox and Solstice

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